Awakening Passion For Life – Biodanza Festival

Awakening Passion For Life

Vivencia mit MCA und Andreas (7.9.2017 in Proitze)

Alegria Celebrativa Opening Ceremony MC and Andreas

With great pleasure, we present to you the program of the Alegría festival 2017, presented by Dipl.-Psych. MCArrieta, Andreas Kurzhals and supported with lots of love and hands-on work by the vivid network of facilitator from Net Dancers and friends.

Wake up people and dance! You do not have to follow certain steps: just take your shoes off and dance!

No Steps to learn, just be happy, be grateful, be inspired and celebrate.

20:30 – 22:30

Awakening Passion For Life

Opening Vivencia with MC und Andreas

Leidenschaft weist Dir den Weg:

HIER geht’s lang!!

Nichts kann mir den Weg versperren. Es ist egal, was die anderen sagen. Soo lebendig ist das Gefühl, dass ich es nicht umgehen kann.
Überwältigende Freude ruft – ich laufe los und handle!

MCA, Pioneer and creator of the Biodanza movement in Germany since 1984.

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