Biodanza is a system for the development of the human potentials. Our desire to live – to be quite the life – is excited by the five lines of experience vitality, creativity, affectivity, sexuality and transcendence.

5 Ways we are alive – Experience lines in Biodanza
The freedom of individuals requires an appropriate structure for the development of innate potentials. Freedom and development are complementary. Music and movement, my counterpart and the group are determined in Biodanza to trigger experiences. Repeated triggering of certain forms of experience creates a reorganization of the action and reaction patterns to life. The regulating effect of the experience does not act on the cortex but to the limbic-hypothalamic region, the emotion-regulating cerebral center. The experiences are divided into five major groups expressed the human potential: the vitality, sexuality, creativity, affectivity and transcendence.

The experience lines

The Biodanza system stimulates the expression and the development of our potentials along these five lines experience. There are therefore a number of exercises and group situations to stimulate this expression of skills.

Vitality – I want to feel healthy!

Vitality means to have a strong life motivation and energy to act. It is the energy and ability of individuals to contact the opposite world and also to respond to difficult situations. Vitality is characterized by good health and organic harmony. The origin of the Vitality line is the survival instinct and the instinct of preservation. Her expression includes health, vital impetus, vitality, ability to coordinate movements in balance and physical self in contact with the opposite. Vitality is visible. In the form of physical regulatory mechanisms such as temperature, appetite, digestion and harmonious functioning organs

Sexuality – I want to enjoy pleasure!

Sexuality is rooted in the diversity of all living sensuality. Sensuality is touch, see, taste, smell is, be tightened, enter into a relationship and feel. It is a direct expression of energy that flows through all life: the life energy.
Basis of sexuality is procreation instinct, their most important tool is the sensuality. Sexual expression is tenderness, touch and physical encounter, is a pleasurable freed from guilt erotic, is desire, pleasure and orgasm, is dedication and merger. Sexuality is the immediate expression of that
erotic energy of attraction and cooperation, which acts in the entire living universe.

Creativity – I want to create!

Creativity enables us to expand our human limitations and expand our exploration instinct. This impulse for renewal is inherent to all living organisms. Creativity strives for diverse expression of emotions, promotes artistic talents and the ability to oppose an established to seek solutions to problems and – in general – to allow the existential creation.

Affectivity – I want to love and be loved!

In the affectivity we experience the deep essential relationship between us humans. The affectivity allows feelings like love, friendship, altruism, motherhood, fatherhood and comradeship and loyalty. As differentiated love to affectivity refers to an individual, as an undifferentiated love to humanity as a whole. The Experience Line affectivity wants to arouse and encourage, by the affective core of being human is developed tenderness, solidarity, love and the instinct for communication with the neighbor.
The expression of affectivity leads to an atmosphere of human communication and opens new dimensions in which the integrity and beauty can develop feelings.

Transcendence – I want to connect with the essence of life!

In the transcendence we awaken our ability to go beyond the ego and always to integrate larger units in connection with our environment. Ecstasy and Intase are conditions that allow us to delve into this human capacity. They lead to the deep experience of being alive, and being part of a coherent and integrated whole that could also be described as the essence of being. The instinct to fuse or “resolution” in the totality, tends to an original harmony, as we have experienced at the breast of our mother. What is described as “oceanic state” means the resolution of our personality limitations and enlightenment.

In Biodanza transcendence line is excited to enable the development of intimacy with each participant himself, nature and the human community. Transcending is life in all its fullness in the experience here and now – starting from the Saints in all of us.

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