“Kapellenhof” has been the home of the Biodanza School of Frankfurt since 2002.

Our Festival in Kapellenhof is a dancing group process. Dancing with so many people offers you magical, endless opportunities to create vital transformation. At Kapellenhof we combine the communion of leaders (facilitators), participants and the venue. We dance together, we encounter one another and sometimes we help together in the kitchen. There is always the opportunity to share and being together.

History – How it began

In 2004 I realized my dream of having all Germany dancing, celebrating 20 glorious years of dancing in the Biodanza Life Process. In that year, it started out with me and the facilitators of my Biodanza Schools Frankfurt and Hamburg. We united to create something impressive and memorable.

It was amazing to share in the continual growth of Biodanza with all the teachers. I organized the Open Doors Events, where all the “biodanzeroes” from all over the country could come and dance.

After this very successful start in Hamburg in 2004, my aim was to support my pupils to grow and promote Biodanza as a powerful communications tool. A new vision was born – a spectacular dream of Biodanza celebrations in different parts of Germany. This soon became a reality. We, Ricarda Löffler and Nicole Detroit (graduates of the Frankfurter School of Biodanza), Andrea Ehler and Melanie Lemmen (graduates of the Hamburg School of Biodanza) and I, joined forces to give wings to this vision and in 2005 already, the first Open Doors Celebration in Frankfurt took place.

We welcomed women and men to our vision. It became a regional event with a national touch. We chose springtime as a central part of this vision. Reborn after winter every year, we can observe how seeds start to open and blossom with unbelievable power, revealing their incredible beauty. This is the best season to experience the joy of creation. And which music could be more suitable to express this, than “Spring”, from the “Four Seasons”, by Vivaldi.

In 2006, Sylvia Vollbach from the Biodanza School Frankfurt joined our team.

2007 our Celebration was such a success, that I decided to propose to the people to create a Festival. I received a total joyful YES! And so we moved from Frankfurt to our “home”, Kapellenhof, for the years ahead. The transformation went from the legendary Open Doors Celebration in Frankfurt in 2005, 2006 and 2007 to the Alegria Biodanza Festival in 2008.

All facilitators from the Frankfurt Region joined us – Verena Grutza, Veronique, Monika, Bettina Wessolowski, Barbara Schlender and Dieter Jacobi.