Fall in love with life as you journey into the sensuality of being. Biodanza is centered in love and joy for healing and transformational benefits. It is an integrative movement system of human potential aimed at organic renovation, reeducation in love, and a relearning of the original functions of life. Enjoy music, dance, emotion, voice and encounters within a safe group setting.

Biodanza is a scientifically sound system proven to reduce stress, release emotions, promote wellness, and establish holistic homeostasis. Through creative expression, we learn to understand, embrace, and manage our emotions while seeing ourselves and the other with compassion. Dances are non-choreographed and are designed to induce a “vivencia” (an intensified experience of the here and now) in order to express an authenticity of identity from the root of our cells.

Explore the primordial essence of life as we journey through our Vitality, Creativity, Sensuality, Affectivity, and Transcendence. Biodanza Dance of Life Process creates community and consciousness by building sustainable lives, relationships, and a capacity for adaptability. Everyone is welcome to dance and experience the fullness of being, the passion, to embody the music, together with the human community, the universe, and become the abundance.