Time for celebration…A Dance Path of Presence, Passion & Empowering

Vivencia mit MCA & Marcelo Di Matteo (2. Mai 2015 im Kapellenhof)

We bring the force of the sunshine to our hearts!
Creating new projects, have a new vision…have many new ideas…!!!

The spark of life, the spark of creation, a new enthusiasm (to have God within)… the celebration of fire… to purify, to cleanse and to bring fertility.
To leave aside the old, to open new pathways for the new things to happen and appear in our lives….
The earth energy is in its peak… life is bursting…Eros is called into action…

The manifestation of abundance express the growth and the need of renewal.
We share our hands in communion…in passion, fire and sensuality… in joy and dreams.

We are then in the hands of Beltane….

pioneer and founder of the Biodanza Movement in Germany since 1984

Marcelo Di Matteo
Vital Development – VitalDanza